Our Purpose

At Urban Paw Dog Services, everything we do is based on our purpose that “a well-walked dog is a happier dog.” Through regular exercise we believe every dog will become a more fulfilled and better behaved member of their family.

The relationships we form with our Clients and their Furkids are at the heart of what makes Urban Paw successful. We recognize that caring for the family dog is a privilege that comes with great responsibility, and we continually strive to offer an experience that promotes their well-being, and your peace of mind.

Our Philosophy

No Group Walks!

Unlike many local dog walkers, we walk your dog in your neighbourhood. We don't fill our car to a dangerous maximum, then transport your pet around town. We also don't let your dog off-leash.

At Urban Paw, we recognize that every dog is unique, as are a dog's walking needs. We maintain your dog's individual pace and provide your pet with 100% of our attention. At Urban Paw, your dog is guaranteed to receive lots of love, exercise, and positive reinforcement. Exercised Pup = Happy Pup.

We take our responsibility as your dog walking provider very seriously. This is why we are fully Insured, Bonded and certified in Pet First Aid - to give you peace of mind.

At Urban Paw the safety and welfare of your pet is always our primary concern! Our Founder has over 10 years in Dog Rescue as well as working as a Veterinary Technician. By taking the time to understand the needs of both our clients and Furkids, offering outstanding customer service, we will ensure a safe and happy environment for all dogs when their owners cannot be there themselves

Our Mission

We offer professional dog walking services in Milton, Ontario, ensuring that your best friend is in safe hands. Your dog will maintain physical and mental health and break any habits such as separation anxiety with regular walks.

Regardless if you need our services temporarily or on an ongoing basis we are dedicated to all of our long term, short term and occasional clients. We offer convenience to you as well as exercise and safety for your dog. We Our Milton's First Choice for Dog Walking Services.

No Group Walks

What are the benefits of private dog walks over group walks?

One on one walks allow for your dog to receive the personal care and attention (TLC) they deserve - as well as for us to observe your dog's behaviour and consistently apply your training method of choice.

When dog walkers take dogs out in groups they oftentimes rush from one client to the other in order to accommodate as many dogs as they can potentially fit in their vehicle/group - leading to more time waiting for other dogs and less time spending "out and about" on the actual walk. Some dog walkers offering group walks have been known to also cut the walk time drastically in order to accommodate more dogs - thereby increasing their bottom line, rather than focusing on each dog's walking needs.

We walk in your neighbourhood, maintain your dog's individual pace, and provide your pet with 100% of our attention.


Safe fun for all is what we strive to achieve every day. As pets differ in age, personality and physical endurance we do our best to provide an environment and specific exercise program that best suits each pets individual needs. The overall health condition and special medical needs of the pets in our care is taken into consideration when we plan for the amount of exercise and rest appropriate for your pet.

Private Walks: We love animals and will not compromise your pet’s safety for an additional profit. We guarantee not to endanger your pet’s safety. No Group Walks. Unlike many group dog walkers, we walk your dog in your neighborhood. We don’t let your dog off leash either.

Unlike many group dog walkers, we walk your dog in your neighbourhood. We don't fill our car to a dangerous maximum, then transport your pet across the city. We also don't let your dog off-leash to run illegally in public parks or ravine spaces (designated by bylaws as on-leash areas).